How Do I Reset a Toilet Bowl?

Re-Installing a Toilet.

Did you put in a new bathroom floor and now you must reset the toilet? If you don’t want to pay a plumber or don’t know a handy friend then you’re left with do-it-yourself. Here are some tips to get you going.

installing a toilet
Closet Flange:

It’s the metal or plastic ring-like thing with a three or four inch hole in the center. It’s secured to the floor and the toilet attaches to

Closet Bolts:

T-shaped bolts that protrude up from the closet flange. The toilet will be set onto the closet bolts.

Wax Ring:

A yellowish wax ring about an inch thick. It’s the seal that seats between the closet flange and the toilet.

Old toilet installed by a plumber

You may need an extender kit for the closet flange, Buy it upfront just in case

You’re ready to go…

1. Glue one end of closet flange to soil pipe

2. Make sure other end of closet flange metal or plastic collar sits on the finished floor

  • If not then use extender kit.
  • Make sure flange doesn’t sit above floor otherwise toilet won’t seal properly.

3. Secure closet flange to floor with stainless steel screws long enough to bite into the Subflooring

4. Insert closet bolts-one on each side

5. Press wax ring onto the top of the flange

6. Press wax ring onto bottom of toilet bowl

7. Set the toilet on top of the flange

  • Make sure it sits on the wax ring

8. Toilet should settle onto the floor and compress the wax

9. Gently tighten nuts on the closet bolt until secure

  • Don’t over tighten or you’ll crack the toilet

10. Re-attach water supply line

  • Turn on valve so tank can fill

11. Make certain toilet doesn’t rock

12. Flush Toilet a few times

13. Grout between toilet base and floor

14. You’re done

That’s all there is to it. Good luck!